ALPHA BED - Steel Bed Frame System


  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME: Engineered to outperform aluminum or wood components.Rugged, lifetime durability.
  • PRECISE: Takes the guesswork out of wall bed manufacturing and assembly.The exact equation to bring the cabinet and the lift mechanism together.
  • COMPACT: Reduces the cabinet depth to 16" or less. Eliminates protrusions and saves valuable floor space.
  • LIGHTER AND STRONGER: Remove up to 100 lbs from some systems and have a stronger, more precise product.
  • ADAPTABILITY: Specifically engineered for use with leading wall bed mechanisms. No guesswork on hole drilling to combine the frame with the lift mechanism.
  • VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL: The frame is precision machineed to not only adapt to various mechanisms, the frame also is interchaneable as a vertical or horizontal bed.
  • STRENGTH AND LOAD: Three stiffeners ensure the strongest bed base possible. Stiffeners are notched to overlap the frame for maximum load bearing. Test to 2000 lbs dead weight load.
  • TRIP-FREE© FOLD-AWAY LEG: No strings or cords. A leg system similar to systems costing many times more. A touch of the finger and in seconds the leg and the bed fold away.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects.


  • SPACE AGE HEAVY DUTY MECHANISM: Designed for every day use in residential or commercial installation. Balances with fingertip controll for ease of operation. Mounts to vertical side walls of cabinet.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION TO BALANCE: Apply varying spring combinations to balance all bed sizes, Single through King, vertical or horizontal mount.
  • DURABILITY: Tested to perform thousands of cycles without failure.
  • COMPACT: Needs only 1" or cabinet width on each side.
  • STRENTH AND LOAD: Will handle all sizes of beds and the mattresses needed for ultimate comfort.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.

SBF with fold-away legs
SBLM showing springs
SBLM with springs covered

SBF with fold-away legs

SBF with fold-away legs